Rajiv’s Archive

Links to some of the old articles of Rajiv Tewari, Founder, Media Network 

  1. Skill India: It’s Not About Few Acres of Land but Many Acres of Grey Matter
  2. Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding India
  3. You don’t have to be rich to donate what is most valuable to you
  4. India Needs to Transit from an Open Market Economy to a Socially Responsible Market Economy
  5. Freedom to Work is Not Freedom from Work: Life of a Flexi Worker
  6. Attaching Dignity with the Job of Cleaning will make Clean India Mission a Reality
  7. Oasis of Happiness : Responsible Parenting
  8. Corporate labels block the rainbow vision of life
  9. Unleashing the Potential of Women Social Entrepreneurs in India
  10. Educating & Skilling Women in Rural India