Flexi jobs can be great stress busters.

By: Rajiv Tewari for mykindofjob.com,  based on a conversation with Mr Prakash Mohan Tripathi, a renowned HR Consultant, currently engaged with several MNCs on areas like capacity building & leadership coaching. Mr PM Tripathi has worked at top management positions withseveral private &public sector organizations. He brings with him a rich blend of cross domain and cross cultural global experience along with an excellent perspective on true wealth of life which money cannot buy. Updated.

Mr PM Tripathi, during his long association with several large organizations has observed that many professionals, after a period of about 20 years burn out due to stress at work that causes blood pressure, digestion problems, sleeplessness and can even cause diabetes due to an irregular routine and lack of exercise. It’s sad to observe so many people slogging day and night only to lose good health and reduced levels of productivity. Professional HR Managers try all kinds of stress management techniques but there is very little one can do about the traffic on the roads, irregular routine andlong office timings.

Fixed timing and full time working in the offices was necessary during the manufacturing age but now in the digital age there is a need to relook at the old model of working from the office. Many jobs can be done from home and it’s no longer necessary for everyone to be present in the office on a 9 to 5 pm basis which usually becomes 9 to 9 pm for senior managers. Technology now allows for working from remote locations and even meetings can be conducted from wherever the team members may be located.

The advantages of flexi jobs would be manifold. Employers will be able to retain good talent. This will be seen as an attractive perk by the females with young children at home and also by the males in the single unit families who now a days share the home management responsibilities with their partners.It can also help in roping a lot of retired talent which may prefer flexi options. Employees will end up spending less time on the road and will find more time for exercising and pursuing their hobbies. Several research studies have already established the fact that flexi jobs increase employee productivity. Flexi options have been found to work best with competent employees. The incompetent may not find it very attractive as there will be little room to hide behind large teams.

Flexi jobs have also opened up a new possibility for those who wish to convert their hobbies into a source of earning and wish to use an unutilized skill to make more money. My own experience after taking an early retirement is that not only I am able to work without stress but can also spend a lot of quality time with my grandson. He has a friend in me to play and communicate with at his command & demand when he returns from school. This joy is something I would not trade for anything else in my life. It is priceless and falls in the category of true wealth which money can never buy. This is the best perk I ever got.

A few days back, a young girl who has recently quit her job with an MNC consulting firm met me for counselling on her new project that is focused on helping the new generation of Indians specially the NRIs to teach them about the right processes of Pooja and rituals. She has a great demand for her product. On being asked for the reason of quitting a good job, pat came the reply that this job allows her to pursue her passion with flexibility. She has little idea of how she will succeed yet her energy was remarkably high which is rare to find among the stressed out professionals in the corporate world.

My elder son works for a renowned IT company and one of the reasons of his loyalty to this company is the flexi timing policy which allows him to choose his own timing and days to work from home or office. He is now able to meet us more often and socialize more. Late nights on working days do not bother him any more as he can plan it. His wife is a journalist so this helps even more as she at times has uncertain timings at work due the nature of her job.

My nephew has recently quit his job from a renowned hospitals chain and has opted for online assignments which require him to meet his clients on an offline basis only occasionally. Now he has all the time to exercise, pursue his hobbies, socialize and contribute to the household work. No longer does he have to come back at uncertain times completely stressed out and in a mood where even picking up a family member’s call sounded irritating to him.

It may not be possible for every organization to allow its employees to work from home but flexi timing and flexi days can certainly be a possibility in most jobs. In financial terms, organizations would certainly be gainers in terms of lower remuneration, commitment, higher productivity, higher retention and attraction of talent as this will certainly be a high value perk for many.FLEXI TIMEFULL TIMEWORK FROM HOME