About Us

Media Network is a network of diverse online & offline community media platforms to connect with the financial, intellectual, spiritual & social wealth creators. Over the past few years, we have  grown into a large number of community media platforms with a membership of over 500,000 professionals from diverse domains. You can choose to join any or all of our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn by using the links given below:


  1. Media (Stories on Journalists, Journalism, Media & Most Popular Links on Social Media)
  2. मीडिया (Media- Hindi)
  3. Politics & Governance 
  4. राजनीति और सुशासन (Politics & Governance)
  5. Leisure, Travel & Tourism 
  6. Healthcare Network 
  7. Expressions 
  8. EduMedia 
  9. Smart Schools 
  10. Entrepreneurship 
  11. Marketing & Communication Network 
  12. सजग समाज – सशक्त समाज
  13. Media Network-Purvanchal (पूर्वांचल), UP
  14. Media Network – Avadh (अवध), UP
  15. Media Network – Western UP (पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश)
  16. बैठकी (Baithaki)


  1. Media (Stories on Journalism, Journalists, Media & the Most Popular Links on Social Media)
  2. Coaches & Consultants Network 
  3. Marketing & Communication Network 
  4. EduMedia 
  5. Healthcare Network 
  6. Smart Schools 
  7. Leisure, Travel & Tourism 
  8. Sports Management & Marketing
  9. Marketing Automation & B2B Marketing
  10. Europe Business Group

As an Independent Consultant, my  practice areas include management of growth, strategic communication and creation of media platforms. Have successfully contributed to several well known brands in the engineering, media, education, healthcare & marketing domains. Please check out my profile at: 




Rajiv Tewari
Independent Consultant & Founder, Media Network